Banksy reserach- – about their graffiti – why they do it – the meanings behind some of their work – when they started

Henry Chalfant – – about his early life – education – career in photography – exhibitions – books

Alex Fakso – – exhibitions – early work – present work – meaning behind his work

Keegan Gibbs – – what he does – reasoning behind his work – fears – his work tells a story

Jimmy Cochran – – early life – education – how he got into graffiti – where his work is showcased

JR – – early life – why he started – how he started – how he progressed – how he became well known – where he is now – exhibitions

Exhibition visit to The Lettering and Commerative Arts Centre in Suffolk- I found out information about graffiti artists, I saw how the work was presented and the different ways it was presented such as being on the wall and also being shown on a MAC.

Exhibition about David Hockney which was presented in London- there was a lot of different ways it was presented, such as picture a shown on iPads in one room and 3d effects in another room.


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