Experimental shoot 3

For this shoot I have identified it as one of my conceptual shoots in which expresses my idea behind graffiti. I was on location for this shoot and went over to the local skate park. The reason I shot the graffiti in a skate park is because of two reasons, the first reason is because there was a lot of graffiti there and the second reason is because it shows in a place like the skate park where lots of people go to hang out there is a lot of peer pressure that goes on. The graffiti is all done close together which could represent how all of the people come together and do the graffiti as one group. I liked how the graffiti was done all around the ramps and some of the railings as although to some people it may be seen as delinquent and vandalism, pieces of the graffiti are very artistic. Although this shoot is to express delinquent graffiti as it isn’t being showcased by professionals. I sos think the reason why I would find more graffiti in the skate park than in staple the is because people are more likely to get caught in staple tye than they are in the skate park, which for my third shoot I will be able to express more.

Here are some of my best images that I have edited in photoshop:

I edited this image in photoshop, I upped the contrast, vibrance and saturation to make the colours stand out more. I also then went onto the colour balance and upped the yellows, green and reds, this gave the image a warmer look. I also turned down the brightness slightly as after all the other adjustments I made it gave the image a more rustic look as it made the shadows in the image stand out more.

general 1

I decided to include Paige’s feet in the image as I felt her converse suited the graffiti/skate park image. I again edited this image in photoshop and used the same editing techniques as the first image. This images almost seems as if Paige has done the graffiti, it gives off the idea that she has allowed me to take a photo of the graffiti as long as her identity is covered, which brings me back to my research of Alex Fakso, as he took photographs of people either prepping the graffiti or running away from authorities.

general 2

Here is the contact sheet including all of my images front this shoot:

general graffiti



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