Experimental shoot 4

For this shoot I went over to the same location as my experimental shoot 2 which was the skate park. This shoot was more for me to edit the images in photoshop for my technical shoot so I could experiment with the different forms of black and white. I took images of the graffiti in the skate park, however I didn’t do any depth of field shots as it didn’t relate to this shoot.

Here are my four different forms of black and white images:

For this image I opened it up into photoshop, I then clicked on adjustments and then onto black and white. Once I had opened up the black and white tool, I clicked on the button right at the top of the tool which changes the settings of the black and white filter, so for the image I scrolled down and changed the filter to infrared. Doing this allowed me to be in control of my images. Once I clicked on the filter the sliders below it which control the certain colours changed automatically to suit the filter, I then had the choice to move the sliders, however I chose not to as I wanted to show the exact filter on my images.


For this mage, I followed the same steps as the first, however, I changed the filter of black and white to maximum black, this changed the darker spots of the image to be slightly lighter and cancel out some of the shadows in the image.

maximum black

Again I followed the same steps and changed the filter on this one to the blue filter which made all of the blue parts of the image darker, in my opinion this filter came out the best as it made the outline of the graffiti stand out, it also made the image look quite edgy.

blue filter

In this last image, I didn’t take it in the skate park, I actually took it on my way back to college as I had walked down to the skate park originally. I walked through the houses and came across a phone box with the eiffel tower graffitied on the side. This sign must have be graffitied on when the Paris terror attacks had taken place. This is by far my favourite image of graffiti, as although it isn’t being showcased and is also vandalism, it shows that one person knew and cared about what happened in Paris, it’s almost a sign of respect to Paris and in my opinion I see it as a form of memorabilia for the attacks. The filter on this image is a high contrast blue filter.

high contrast blue filter


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