Experimental shoot 7

For this shoot, I went to the same location as my experimental shoot 2 and 5 which was at the skate park. However this shoot was a technical shoot so I focussed my attention on short and wide depth of field. I took many images during this shoot, however not all of them expressed shot and wide death of field. However, I have edited four of my best depth of field images. This shoot had it challenges as it was hard to get in the right position to photograph the graffiti. When I was on the ramps, I had to lane on the side which caused me t slip so it was difficult to stay in the same position so I had to make sure my camera was set up in the right way which would allow me to get a short and wide depth of field right away.

After doing this shoot I reviewed my images and realised that I have used depth of field but not amazingly well. The reason for this is because the background is too close to the in focus image so the background isn’t blurred enough. To help this I could have positioned myself better and also zoomed my camera out using the 18mm on my lens and also setting my aperture to 3.5 as this would have gotten me to my fully desired effect. If i were to do this shoot again I would make sure that I had the correct settings and a better position to be in.

Here are my best four images:

In this image I have used short depth of field. I then edited this image in photoshop, I changed the colour balance and upped the reds and blues which then led me to change the vibrance and saturation which made the colours a lot brighter and made the whole image pop.

depth of field 1

For this image I have used wide depth of field, so the bottom of the image and close up graffiti is out of focus and the graffiti in the background is in focus. I edited this image in photoshop and used the same tools as the first image, however I also changed the brightness and made it brighter.

depth of field 2

This image was very difficult to shoot, as I had to get high up on the ramp which I kept slipping on, however I had some help from Paige and she helped me stay in position whilst I took the photograph. I didn’t edit this image a lot as the main focus was the ramp which didn’t have any colour, however, I did make the image brighter and upped the contrast and a bit of the saturation.

deth of field 3

I used short depth of field in this image, this image was a lot easier to photograph as the ramp wasn’t as big so I could get further up without slipping which allowed me to get the picture I was hoping for. I then also edited this image in photoshop, I upped the vibrance and the saturation which made the colours stand out more. I also went onto the colour balance tool and upped the blues and reds.

depth of field 4


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