Jimmy Cochran – image based solution and responses

I am using Jimmy Cochran as one of my conceptual artists as he does the graffiti himself and it is very artistic, he does graffiti all over the world, mostly in London, however he does it to showcase it to an audience. I hope to find some of his pieces when I vista Brick Lane in London.

Cochran contributed to the development of the graffiti scene in Adelaide in the late 1980’s. He graduated from university in South Australia also in the late 1980’s. He also helped set up and create many community arts projects, mostly aimed at giving aerosol art a broader acceptance in the community and to teach painting techniques to adolescents who are highly interested in the art form. He also created the name Jimmy C for himself in the 1990’s, he uses this name and puts it next to his work when he does his graffiti. Since then he has becomes very well known for his aerosol art murals and has also become known for his work in regional communities and work in the city across Australia.

In 1997 he completed his arts degree, and then in 2002 he completed his Master of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia. Jimmy Cochran became known for his often depicting the marginalised human subject in the context of the urban environment, he also became known for some of his urban realist narrative paintings.

Here is some of his work:

Adelaide 2016

adelaide 2016

Bowie mural, Brixton

bowie mural brixton

Kings Cross, London 2016

kings cross london 2016

Portrait of Mick, Brick Lane 2015

potrait of Mick brick lane 2015

Whitby St, Shoreditch, London, 2012


Here is my image based solution for Jimmy Cochran:

For this image I used someones else’s work. I researched an image of a wall with windows and graffiti of people. I then opened them both up into photoshop and inserted the graffiti onto the image of the wall. I then enlarged and scaled the graffiti to the wall, and then used the rubber tool and went around the windows. I then wanted the bricks to be seen to make it more realistic so I upped the saturation of the wall and turned down the opacity of the graffiti.

jimmy cochran.jpg


I have completed some more image based solutions about Jimmy Cochran’s work, it led me to research images of professional graffiti in public places, here is what I found:



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