JR – image based solutions and responses

I am using JR as one of my technical artists, as he uses many techniques, such as using photographic and video settings, he also prints his work out onto different backgrounds which involves a lot of work and knowledge.

JR began his career early on as a teenage graffiti artist. He made his work public and local and made his mark on society. He targeted places such as rooftops and subway train which he thought were precarious places to leave his mark and he also enjoyed leaving his graffiti in these places. At the age of 17 he found a camera in the Paris Metro, JR and his friends then started to document his graffiti, he then went on to make photocopies of his photographs to outdoor walls. Later on in life he made his way through Europe to meet various people who expressed themselves in similar ways he did. He then began to wonder about the vertical limits, the walls and the facades that structure cities. He went on to observe people and listen to their messages, after doing so he then pasted their portraits in basements, on rooftops and up in the streets of Paris. JR created Portraits of a Generation between 2004 and 2006, in included portraits of young people from the housing projects in Paris. He then exhibited the work in a huge format. His work was actually illegal, however it became official when the City of Paris put up his photos on large buildings. Originally at true beginning of JR’s work he just wanted to bring his art into the street as he believed and i quote “in the street we reach people who never go to museums”.

One of his works included an exhibition called ’28 Millimetres’ where he said that he didn’t consider himself “neither a street artist not a photographer”. He believes this as in order for him to create his projects he uses photography, but also uses video/film, he then prints it out onto paper or tarpaulins, nooks, social links and urban spaces. He said “i would like to bring art to improbable places, create projects so huge with the community that they are forced to ask themselves questions. I want to try to create images of hot spots such as the Middle East or `brazil that offer different points of view from the ones we see in the worldwide media such are often caricatures”

Here is some of his work:


Here is my image based solution for JR:

For this image based solution I used someone else’s images. I searched for a plain building and artistic graffiti. Once I had found my two images I penned them up into photoshop. I then used the magnetic lasso tool and went around the graffiti of the young boy. I then moved it over to the building image, scaled it and placed it onto the building. I chose to do this as JR’s work is mostly seen on a large scale, such as buildings or around some cities.

image based solution jr


I have completed some image based solutions about JR’s work, it led me to research large scale graffiti in public places. Here is what I found:





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