Primary Research – case study and how I want my work presented

Before visiting:

For this primary research I will be visiting an exhibition in Suffolk in a place called The Lettering and Commemorative Arts Centre. There is an exhibition which showcases only graffiti, it is the first time this exhibition has ever taken place and I’m lucky enough to be able to see the work that will be presented. I will be able to see how the work is presented and also talk about what the work looked like and what my opinion of the graffiti is and what I thought of the exhibition as a whole.

After visiting:

The whole gallery was fairly small however the work was amazing. There were some cave paintings that suggest that graffiti has been around for a long time but was only given a label in modern times. The work that I saw was very creative and abstract, no two pieces were the same. All of the work was displayed on the walls, however there was a book case as I walked in which to my left which had a lot of information and history about graffiti. There was also a MAC next to the bookcase which allowed anyone who visited to look at more images of graffiti on the computer. There was also a chance for me or anyone who visited to do some of their own graffiti, as there was a roll of paper and pens to the right of me as I walked in. Some of the graffiti that was displayed on the walls were up for sale, however the price tags weren’t small; one of the pieces that I saw was up for sale for £6,000. Going to this exhibition has helped me out a lot with my FMP as it gave me a lot of different ideas which I could incorporate into my own work. The gallery was very interesting with some amazing images of graffiti, I would (if this exhibition was on again) recommend this to someone as the whole site was very quiet and peaceful and had a lot of information and a lovely insight into the history of graffiti.

This exhibition also helped me think about how I wanted my final image to be presented, as I like how the images are hung up on the wall as it is nice and simple however I also really like how there was a slideshow of images on the MAC, which would also let me search up other kinds of graffiti artists on there as well. If I were in charge of the exhibition that will showcase my work, I would like it to be up on a wall or board but then also have a computer with a slideshow of all my best images from my final shoot.

Here are my two favourite graffiti pieces that I saw whilst at the exhibition, unfortunately the second image has some reflections in as it was a very sunny day and I wasn’t able to cover the light whilst I visited:




Here is a contact sheet of what I saw:


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