Experimental Shoot 5

For this shoot, I have created my own graffiti on thick paper/card. This shoot is one of my technical shoots as I have done the graffiti myself and have used photoshop tools to add the graffiti onto the different backgrounds I have photographed. I also had to use different camera settings as I had to adapt to my surroundings. I had to keep changing my shutter speed, aperture and ISO as some of the places I photographed were in the sun and others were in the shade. I have picked two backgrounds to put my graffiti on to. To do the graffiti I got a thick piece of card and traced my name in pencil first and then after that I used acrylic point to fill the letters in.

Here is what I created:

In this image, I opened up the background and the graffiti into photoshop. I used the magnetic lasso tool to go around the graffiti, once I had done this I then dragged the graffiti onto the background. I changed the opacity of the graffiti to about 70%, this way the wall came through slightly which gave it a more realistic effect. I then upped the saturation on the background image so the colours came through a bit more.

IMG_0403 copy

I did the exact same thing for this image as the first, however I turned the opacity of the graffiti down to 60% so the background came through even more.

IMG_0411 copy

Here is the graffiti I created on its own:

IMG_8014 copy

Here is my contact sheet containing the backgrounds I will Photoshop the graffiti on to:



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