Experimental Shoot 2

For this shoot I went out and found the old Passmores Academy site. Luckily for me before the school was shut down, some of the students and teachers got together and painted the front and back of the wall outside. The wall had school related paintings such as the houses that the students were put into or even a logo that they thought showed their favourite class. Unfortunately it was raining whilst I got these images so it made it a lot more difficult to get these images right, however i had a rain cover for my camera so I was able to keep my camera dry whilst getting my shots. I took pictures of both sides of the wall as there was such a variety of images. I like this kind of graffiti as it isn’t seen as delinquent or even artistic as it isn’t being showcased or famous, but it was done to represent the students passions and activities. This kind of graffiti is done under a controlled environment so all of it is appropriate and supervised. It also shows how students and teachers have come together to create a wonderful piece of work which also shows how this ‘graffiti’ brings people together and have fun rather than for example, doing it to fit in or because they were peer pressured.

I have chosen four images that I thought were my best and have edited them all in Photoshop. For all o these images I used the same techniques and tools for each one. i first opened them up into Photoshop, I then upped the brightness slightly but the contrast quite a bit. I then turned up the saturation and turned the lightness down a bit so the colours were stronger.  Here they are:


Here is the contact sheet I created with all the images on:



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