Experimental Shoot 6

For this shoot I am using a 3d effect on my work. I went out and around Staple Tye and found some simple pieces of graffiti. I then picked out a few of my favourites and printed them off in colour, however before I edited them in Photoshop. Once I printed them out I found bits of tissue paper in my arts and crafts box at home, I also found buttons and other pieces which I then stuck onto the graffiti. One of the pieces said ” so I then got tissue paper and stuck it on the letters, however I didn’t want it to be perfect and tidy as I liked the messy effect it has.

Here are my three edited and 3d images:

With these images I originally wanted to use tissue paper as well as buttons, however I thought that having tissue paper and buttons would be too much and it would also be really hard to get the tissue paper in the right place as I printed off the images on a4 paper. I also liked how they’re in black and white as the colourful buttons stand out more. I prefer the second image to the first as in the second one the Brick wall is a lot more visible so it actually looks like there is a background on the image rather than a smooth surface.

Here is my contact sheet which has all of the images I took:



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