Case study – The Gibberd Gallery

The Gibberd Gallery is very openly spaced however it has some amazing pieces of work. There are lots of different exhibitions that take place there, such as one exhibition that expresses sculptures. The reason I liked this exhibition is because It’s different compared to pictures just hanging on a wall. However, there is an exhibition at the moment by  Noel Dyrenforth who is a Batik artist. The curator and batik collector known as Rudolph G. Smead spoke about what batik is and about Noel Dyrenforth, here is what he said: “Creating art out of hot wax and liquid colour into cloth, otherwise known as Batik, presents a challenge. Yet, Noel Dyrenforth, a leading internationally known artist in this medium, has produced some of the most innovativeand skilled work over the last four decades. His inspired work and teaching pioneered a fresh appraisal of this 2000 year old textile tradition.” The whole exhibition is about the five decades of batik painting. This kind of exhibition wouldn’t be interactive as paintings aren’t usually allowed to be touched, however this is how I would want my own exhibition to be. I would prefer it if my work was set out like this as I think it would be appreciated more.

Here are some images of the Gibberd Gallery:


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