Final Shoot

As this shoot was my final shoot, I wanted to make sure the graffiti and the photos were as good as possible. To find this graffiti which in my opinion is more street art, I travelled to London, Brick Lane. I had to get a train there which was included in my expenses for this unit, but it was worth it. Once I had gotten to Brick Lane I struggled to find some amazing pieces, there were a few bits here and there but not what I was expecting to find. However, I was lucky enough to meet a man named Keith who was also photographing the graffiti and he is also a professional photographer. He was kind enough to show me all the graffiti hotspots around Brick Lane, which helped me out a lot as I was able to photograph some amazing pieces and I was able to get a range of photographs. I was working with the manual setting on my camera and depending on the area I was in I had to keep changing my shutter speed and aperture as some places were fairly shaded, so I had to adapt my camera settings to suit the scenery I was in. The graffiti I saw was absolutely stunning and it was clear that the people paint the graffiti are artists trying to express themselves or just to simply express their art to others. 

All in all the shoot went very well as I was able to photograph my final image which will be used in my showcase at the end of my unit. It was easy to get to Brick Lane and after bumping into Keith I was able to get some amazing shots. I would love to visit Brick Lane again as the art there is incredible.

Here are my contact sheets, I took over 400 images for this shoot so I have 12 contact sheets.



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