Photographer Profile

When i take pictures i focus my interest on nature, i especially like to take pictures of flowers that contain vibrant colours.

As a person i am passionate about photography and one day i would like to pursue it as a job in the future as a photo journalist in the New York Times.

I prefer to take pictures using colour popping to make the main colours stand out. Furthermore i also like to take pictures of nature but with things that are out of place such as a feather in a field or an orange leaf surrounded by green leaves.

However, I dislike taking pictures of fast moving objects, as it is difficult to focus on and then get a clear crisp picture and instead the picture comes out blurred. I also don’t like to edit photos on photoshop as I believe photos should not be altered with as the imperfections should be seen as it makes it look more natural and realistic.

A photographer that i’m inspired by is my Grampz as he has taken professional pictures of a range of things since i was little so i grew up wanting to be like him as it looked interesting and enjoyable.

I am interested in photography, fashion, make-up and social media.


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